The deadline is looming


Hello and welcome to the November edition of our blog, it's been an amazing six or so weeks since our last post and I'm not sure where October went to. I've had the most amazing time during this period, with a massive personal success on a sunny Sunday in early October, I got down on bended knee and proposed to my now fiance. She is definitely the most amazing person I've ever met and I'm lucky and privileged that on 6 April 2018 she'll become my wife. We also have been to see the movie "The Accountant", I have to say I never ever thought I'd see a film with the central character being an Accountant but there you have it.

Business is growing from strength to strength as we head into the christmas period (which seem's to be getting earlier and earlier every year), we are now just over nine month's old and I'm grateful to everyone who has helped me or got me to this point. It's scary to think that this time last year I was still working for someone else having handed in my notice the previous month. I remember giving my former employer four month's notice instead of the statutory notice period, I guess I just wanted to let them know my decision and to give them plenty of time to prepare for the loss of someone who had been there for ten and a half years. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity they gave me all those years ago, and all the support they gave me while I studied and completed both my degree and then my Chartered Accountancy exams. I definitely don't miss those days of working Monday to Friday and then having to go to Queen's on a Saturday to go to class but then again how can I say that now I'm running my own practice as I'm sure directly or indirectly I'm working on my business most days of the week. 

Like most businesses in the accountancy profession we rely heavily on word of mouth referrals. Our two principal sources for getting these are from our existing client base and from the members of the business referral group I'm president of. Following on our presidential theme for the post, later on this month I'm due to become the President of Whitehead Bowling Club. Bowls has always played an important part in my life and has given me many great memories and introduced me to some amazing friends. 

So the big news of the day is that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States of America. A real estate developer turned reality TV star with no political experience. He was widely underestimated as a candidate, the polling organisations and analysts missed his rise and now he is the President. It remains to be seen if he truly will "Make America Great Again"

Whilst we are entering the christmas period our focus is more on tax return season as it starts to warm up. There are many reasons why someone may need to complete a tax return, some examples are:

  • Being self employed
  • Having income from a rental property
  • Having income from savings and investments
  • Being a company director

We at NBAS love planning our taxes well in advance as many of our clients will support. We would say that if you haven't done your tax return by now then you really should try and get it done this month and be prepared for what tax you'll have to pay at the end of January 2017. January is already a problem month for most people as it's usually the bad credit card bill after a sustained period of spending on all those nice christmas presents. So play your TRUMP card now and get in touch for your free consultation.