Name, address, postcode?


Name, address, postcode?

When setting up a company at Companies House, you have to enter a correspondence address for the Director or Directors and this is where a lot of people make mistakes.  The nature of SMEs means that many of them began life in the owner's garage or spare bedroom so whoever is registering the company will enter the home address as the correspondence address (even though it states this will be publicly displayed).  The correspondence address for the director should actually be linked to the registered address, so the home address isn’t displayed publicly

In simple terms:

Correspondence address for director = displayed publicly

Residential address for director = not displayed publicly

Whilst businesses can change the correspondence address to be the registered address now, their home address will always be available publicly on Companies House if someone delves into it enough.

A recent discussion with a client revealed that their company listing had the registered business address as the correspondence address for all directors.  So far, so good.  When clicking into filing history however, you could see that while the registered office address was changed in 2013, the old address, where one of the directors still lives, is still visible! 

You can understand that if someone (e.g. ex-employee, supplier) was disgruntled enough they could call to that old address, to see if it is related to the business, they would then find one of the directors living there! Unfortunately, there is no way of removing this from the company’s filing history.

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